I'm Nicki.  I'm a Memphis-based lover of adventures, cats, books, DIY and Jesus.   This is my bohemian lifestyle blog that was born out of my handmade jewelry brand, The Faint of Heart.  Here is where you'll find my musings on fashion, home decor, DIY projects, entrepreneurship (read: blazing your own trail), books, and general girlboss-i-ness. 

an intro to my brand:

The Faint of Heart is jewelry for the dreamers, the explorers, you who forge your own path, and who are relentless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.  Our jewelry is meant to go wandering with you on your adventures, soak up your stories, and inspire you to live fearlessly, compassionately, and creatively.  Our jewelry exists to inspire you and give you the confidence to do those things, and be the best version of yourself.

All handcrafted in our Memphis TN studio, our contemporary bohemian jewelry has just enough edge, sparkle & modern design to fit your every mood.  Among many design components, TFOH features many rough stones and natural crystals.  We believe that raw imperfection can be  beautiful, whether found in our jewelry or in ourselves.

We believe that women of all backgrounds are lovely, capable & powerful.  When you wear our jewelry, we want you to feel inspired, beautiful, and totally rad.

With love,

Nicki Sarra Halford

Founder + Owner